Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Antidote: Hit or Miss

In an attempt to redeem myself here as writer, I'm finding it practically a challenge to give Stardoll a good name. That said, the new collection of Antidote has arrived. With expectations seemingly low as the Titanic, it came to no surprise when an array of super shiny objects made way to the starplaza.

Featured above is the second of four pages of the new Antidote collection. Right off the bat, I've accompanied the brand with more than a few terms, those of which include: juvenile, farfetched, and completely, without a doubt exaggerated.

It's no wonder that there's a redundant amount of fashion lines - user made, of course - sprouting in order to redeem Stardoll's once majestic quality. If you haven't already complained about the absoultely awful graphics of Antidote yet, feel free to let out a long breath of frustrated air.

Even stranger, though? It appears that Stardoll couldn't help but add a trend that is already a year old into the mix.

A floor, that quite frankly is my favorite out of the collection, doesn't even match the naïve vibe of the previous three pages. If it weren't for my current non-ss status, I'd probably purchase these set of clothing - excluding those hideous furniture items, might I add. I just find it extremely odd to incorporate an entirely new theme into the line. Those are questions I'll never know...

While I'll certainly be giving this collection a big thumbs down, I want to know TTT's general opinion on the ninth - correct me if it's wrong - edition of Antidote.


  1. The only thing good about this collection was the purple plastic Prada bag. That would be the only thing I'd buy. Everything else is just terrible. Stardoll has officially given up on us fashionistas!

  2. I bought a good amount of clothes - not because I love them but because I had extra stardollars, as Ashley mentioned, the Prada bag was a hit, and so were a couple of multi-colored/color-block pumps (which looked good but would you really wear neon blue pumps?)

  3. I thought it was a hit. I think a lot of the pieces could be mixed and matched with a lot of things, new and old. I personally only bought 4 or 5 pieces, because everything was ridiculously over priced; in addition to the purple LV bag, the mesh carry all was amazing as well.

  4. If every floor was themed as well as the 4th floor I would have bought a lot more. Saying this, I did buy around 10 items and I like a few more. =) I did make a few purchases just because there were only 250 pieces though oops. this was also quite an expensive antidote collection aside from shoes and dresses but considering the little amount of pieces im not bothered ^.^