Thursday, May 23, 2013

HBW #16 - Spring Prints

"With this week´s Hot Buys we want to bring you sur la monté de marche.  Are you going to the photo call with a simple springy outfit like Audrey Tatou, or are you channeling your bling ring girl and pick a glittering combo? Which outfit will you choose for your début sur la Croisette?"

The first item of this week, which is also many people's favourite from the bunch, is the Hot Buys Disco Collar Top. With a simple and wearable design and a reasonable price of 14 stardollars, this top is a must buy. It boasts actual shading, rather than the gradient effect Stardoll have preferred to use in recent months for many of their clothes and the collar adds the fun to an otherwise simple design.

The next item is the Pleather Fringed Skirt, which I am slightly on the fence about. Although I enjoy the design and concept I find it to be ever so slightly ill fitting and it looks kind of frumpy on my doll without the correct styling. I'm also unsure about the design of the fringe, but I let the negatives slip as I also purchased this, at the price of 12 stardollars.

Next we have the Hot Buys City Lights Sequin Dress at a price of 18 stardollars. This is a very nice minidress and is, like the other Hot Buys, the first items we have seen in quite a while that are not neon or PVC. Although the quality isn't amazing it's still a strong piece and another item I can definitely see myself wearing at some point.

Penultimately is the Hot Buys Cannes Top (9 stardollars), the top half to go along with the Hot Buys Cannes Skirt (11 stardollars. Although I'm a fan of the print I was slightly reluctant to buy because of the way it sits on the doll. The top's straps are odd and put me off purchasing the item, even though they could be covered with hair or a jacket. Next is the skirt, which at first seems like a big frumpy bit of material, however, styled correctly, can look very nice. I decided to pick it up due to it's intricate print, hoping that I can one day make it look good, but I can understand anyone who does not like the item. 

I ended up purchasing 4 out of 5 items this time around, which I think is the most I've ever purchased in one collection. Many people have complained about the graphics of this HBW, but as no quality standard has yet been set and the designs and techniques are all over the place I'm purely going on the basis of the items. I quite like the way that everything this time around actually look like clothes rather than neon gradient material but each to their own. What do you think of this week's selection of Hot Buys? Hit or miss?


  1. MUCH better than like the last year's collection of Hot Buys in total. There is actually some depth in the clothing, and in general, aren't too bad trend-wise. Being stardoll-poor, I only purchased one (that being the Disco Collar Top), it's probably my favorite item out of the five this week. For once: Not a total fail!

  2. suprisingly good :)

  3. I loved these. Bought everything!

  4. They're alright, I bought most items, but I could see some improvement. Looks like this time Stardoll paid attention to the details on all of these pieces (instead of their usual blurry poorly-constructed prints). Unfortunately, as Lindsay has pointed out their graphics have not improved and do these dresses no justice. The violet skirt is poorly fitted, the multi-print blue skirt looks like a blanket, and that glittery cocktail dress is shaded well but has an awkward shape.

    That being said, I won't hold them accountable to the demands of the standards of a perfectionist, and in comparison to its predecessors, this was a huge step forward. Knowing Stardoll - however - it won't be that hard to go back to boring, under-designed or plain revolting pieces next week!