Friday, May 24, 2013

Lipstick: The Final Issue

Back in December, the notorious Lipstick Magazine posted a rather intriguing ad. Other than mine and Kim's (xxlovexx) comment on the post, no one seemed the least bit interested.

Now going on it's second year of a hiatus status, and the summer months are seemingly growing closer, the question still remains: Will there still be "The Finale" of Lipstick?

Laura (Lizs), the now-owner of the magazine has been MIA for over the past month. While logic claims this finale won't happen, and was just simply an idea lost, however, I still remain optimistic.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the Summer issue of Lipstick is still a go? Either vote in the poll below, or leave your comments.


  1. Firstly, I doubt it'll debut - editors always want to produce a "final" issue but fail to do so either in a timely fashion or fail to do so all together (such as Fierce). Secondly, the ad was accurate in saying "will always be a legacy", something in the past, had its time - now we should move on (and so should they).

    I also found the idea of a "finale" rather cliché.

    Regardless, only time will tell if this issue will be released, and only time will tell whether it'd "leave [us] speechless".

  2. I think that since she came out of a month's obscurity to present this that she might be serious, simply because who else does this? In an odd theory, she might have been spending an entire month doing this magazine. We'll see though. :)