Sunday, May 26, 2013

Street Chic: Stardoll Style, Neon Minimalism

Who: Laia_fergusson_ (click to visit suite)
What: Minimalism with a twist of colour will always be huge, but with the recent outburst of tacky neon into the Stardoll fashion scene it's a huge pleasure to see someone rocking Stardoll's current favourite trend... alongside PVC of course.
Wear: Custom striped dress, white fur, neon spiked beads, silver chain bracelets, pink tassel clutch, white platform shoes

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  1. luis always looks good =)

  2. ooh, i'm so excited for ttt fw! can't wait to see the collections ;)

  3. WOOOOOO! I saw my blog and I hope I can bee featured! Laia_fergusson_ sure can rock the Neon Minimalistic look.