Friday, June 21, 2013

Burberry Menswear for Spring/Summer 2014 Review

As London Fashion Week continues, Burberry [Prorsum] hosted their first ever Menswear Collection in London after 10 years of Burberry shows in Milan. As normal, the celebrities came out for the highly anticipated show – with rapper Tinie Tempah & YouTube’s popular twins, Jack & Finn in attendance, oh, and I must say I was certainly not disappointed. 

In comparison to Bailey’s previous Burberry collection for the Spring/Summer months, a lot of thinking has certainly gone into making this collection one of London Fashion Week’s finest. When first streaming this collection live through, Tim Burton’s 1950’s set of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ instantly filled my mind of the multiple pastel coloured houses’ - which then led to the working men of the cul de sac. It’s apparent that inspiration from this collection came from the 1950’s & the 1980’s. 

What I liked;
  • ·         Firstly, I would like to say that I’m obsessed with the mint, pale yellow & black polka dot scarves featured in looks #14 & #15, though despite these scarves featured in a Spring/Summer collection, they seem quite complex – which gives you the opportunity to wear them all year around.
  • ·         Look #4 & look #26 featured an incredible tailored, double-knit cardigan in luxurious ecru cashmere. Once I seen the jacket coming down the Burberry runway, I said to myself “Yay, cardigans on the Burberry runway”, but once Burberry released their items for purchase on their website, I done some research on the £1,795 cashmere gem, and it turns out that the supposed “cardigan” is actually a jacket. What I love most about the cardijack (jackets as cardigans) is that it will give the warmth of a jacket in a style of a cardigan – which I think is quite unique for Burberry.
  • ·         Despite my love-affair of black & white clothing, I must say I love the numerous colours throughout. Whether it’s the “pretty” pastel tones of mint & cotton-candy or the boldness of both the reds, greens and blues. 
What I don't like;
  • ·         I’m not too sure why big name brands like Marc Jacobs & Burberry create those hideous runway eyewear. Anyone who is familiar with me & my style would have already known, but these sunglasses are not commercial at all. Although, if the shades’ frames were such thinner; I believe they could have worked, but unfortunately the finished product doesn’t board well with me.  
  • ·         The Burberry Duffle Pouch, don't get me wrong, I LOVE them, although, I would have also loved if they featured a 1980’s styled satchel in those crazy colours that are presented throughout. And apart from those two flaws, the collection was spot on.
To conclude, I adore this collection, and I believe those colours will be a huge trend for both men and woman in the season of Spring/Summer in 2014. In total, I give this collection 7/10,

Eamonn Collins (FashionnGirl.)


  1. I don't really follow men's fashion but, I love this review that you took the time to write, and it gave me some info on a subject that I have never really followed closely but it now intrigues me! :)

  2. I'm actually not a big fan of designer's mens wear as they are usually plain and boring to me, but there were few pieces in this collection that I really liked!