Sunday, June 2, 2013

Safari Summer or Nothing!

You may think that safari patterns have been here for a long time. For sure they have, however they've never been so well made and well worn on the runways for summer before. Of course, you may find it ridiculous for all looks to be in one pattern, but here's where you will be able to find some great looks.

Purity has been found at MaxMara

This summer, the MaxMara woman goes intellectual and she wants to make a Safari in Africa. After all, she spends a lot for this country with all the money she's giving to philanthropic causes helping Africa, so it seems logical for her to go there once in her life. Then, as always, she's having great fun with her luxurious clothes, sometimes wearing jumpsuits or skirts with very feminine shirts, the whole time in Sahara or soil color. As she also becomes interested about the country, she knows that when it rains, it does a lot... so it's logical to bring a great coat, a master piece that gives a real tribute to the country itself.

'One, two, three not only you and me' at Emilio Pucci

The Pucci woman seems to have re-invented the three colours of the look. It's mostly white, beige and brown with yellow or green hints. Jumpsuits are her best friends, whether long or short. She's just having fun with this colors that go well with her tanned skin from the sun of the summer. If it is not to wear at work she mostly wears it on sundays when she's invited to a brunch on the Upper East Side or to a polo game at the luxurious Hamptons.

When you think about Safari, you think about Kenzo

Of course, what would be this post without the Kenzo woman? Well, she's completely crazy, in the best way. Anna Dello Russo wouldn't even have to mix Kenzo pieces with other brands to make these outfits, she can already easily have it all, just going to a Kenzo boutique. The patterns are big, the colors are bright and neon, but the shapes are casual and loose. The Kenzo woman may be a bit of a paradox and she isn't afraid to wear it every day. She's tropical every where, mostly on the subway!

New designers bring new concepts: the Safari mermaid from Anthony Vaccarello
The Anthony Vaccarello woman is a mermaid living in the night. She does not own that many clothes to go to work in so she prefers to live like a socialite, partying at each and every fashion event around. As she follows fashion she loves young designers, so she found Anthony who designed these amazing dresses for her with a big Safari inspiration. The shape doesn't change that much, but for her it's important to look similar every time as she wants to be easily recognisable. After all, you can't just live partying all of your life!


In all honesty, I'm not sure about this total look idea. It may not look good in real life for all of us, as your really need to find the right middle of good proportions, so you don't look like a Christmas tree (besides it's summer, even worse)!

Tell me what you think about this trend?

You can also upload a photo of your doll wearing a Safari look, with your username, and I'll post all of the looks in my next post. 



  1. The colours of Anthony Vaccarello are so beautiful!

  2. I love the Emilio Pucci prints it looks fabulous and the Anthony Vaccarello blazer and pants looks amazing.

  3. The prints on the AV runway are nice, but I'm not sure if the designs were executed properly - but of course, that's just my honest opinion. The only outfits that worked well were Pucci. And I didn't like the MaxMara all.

  4. It's nice to see designers display their collections to the world, yet I get so tired of them rehashing the safari trend since summer arrived. They always do that! Anthony V's designs were a great change up from what is expected of designers to display for the safari trend. He uses the animal skins/patterns yet with an unexpected twist in color. Max Mara was a surprise actually, it looks like they are copying Etro.

  5. Anthony V was the only one who really refreshed the safari trend