Saturday, June 1, 2013

Street Chic: Stardoll Style, Androgynous Evening

Who: --Kayley 
What: Gorgeous evening with an androgynous twist, The look itself is simply beautiful and the way he styles this outfit is exceptional. This masculine look --Kayley wears can be easily achieved by adding a blazer to a dark and/or grungy outfit.
Wear: Draped custom made black dress, navy blue blazer, gold embellished clutch and black and gold Young Hollywood strapped heels with simple makeup and glossy hair.


  1. It looks really great. I just don't really like the shoes, but I guess it's personal, as I really like extravagant heels!

  2. Not too keen on the shoes but I love the rest.

  3. It doesn't look that androgynous to me, he only put a blazer on his doll. If his hair was in the iconic style of Grace Jones or low cut, then yes maybe. The clutch and shoes are also really hyper feminine.