Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Release: The Yacht

Another day, another new suite expansion. This time around Stardoll have released two new Yacht inspired rooms priced at a mere 249 stardollars. Alongside the release of the suite pack Stardoll have also released four floors of a new store Yacht Club, with the obscene prices going up to a massive 80 stardollars. Although it is a nice new edition to our suites I can't help but feel slightly angered at Stardoll for the huge prices. As years have gone on the price for stardollars/superstar has risen and the price for items has also gone up. I would be completely fine with a 30 stardollar pool or a mirrored bath tub for 20 stardollars but 80 and 42 stardollars are both too much for such insignificant things. This isn't even to mention the very regular items such as towels, lights, plants and shells which are all around 20 stardollars. Overall it's a good room with some amazing interior, however whether it's worth the huge sum of money is questionable. Will you be purchasing The Yacht?


  1. Never... Even if/when I'm Superstar. It's such a waste considering we already have the beach villa, that Alpine Chalet, the millionaire mansion, and the penthouse. It is an unnecessary amount of rooms for one doll to possess, plus the fact that the yacht costs more than you typically get in a single month membership! Ridiculous!

  2. I haven't seen what it even looks like. But I agree with Kasey, I already own like 3-4 expansion suite rooms that I don't use, why would I need a yacht?

    Yacht Club is just another attempt at a holiday suite theme'd money maker.

    But I suggest SD makes one that is a Basement, and its as long as the floor level of your main suite and has either a lofty/artsy or alternative feel to it.

  3. Stardoll got the idea of other apartments, changing of outfits in different rooms & having extra dolls (or medolls) in our rooms, from an expensive french game called ohmydollz. All these extra apartments were introduced on SD in 2010 & then we thought the pent house suite & it's furniture were expensive little did we know they would keep adding more & making them even more expensive. SD increased the prices of items in their shops & they hardly release any new items in starcoins which makes that currency almost useless. If you want to see what large nice rooms look like you could check ohmydollz & elite dollz (both by the same owner), this is only a small section of the rooms without furniture. Some of their rooms are really large compared to SD's..

    Off topic - Is it normal to receive messages in your inbox from members not on your friends list? Because I've had 2 yesterday & 1 some weeks ago (all from Turkey), I've written to stardoll about it but they don't reply because they have no explanation. They don't even know whats happening. What does this say about their security system? If I get hacked, they will get it from me.

    1. In reply to your latter statement, only people on your friends list should be able to send you messages. Are you sure you didn't overlook them on your list? If you have a lot of friends it could be a possibility.

    2. Hi, thanks for replying, no I only have about 30 - 35 people on my list & I didn't over look them. All the strange messages are from members in turkey so it must be a security bug from stardoll which shouldn't be happening.