Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FW Night One: The Best to Worst (PART 1)

(BEST DRESSED) Kimberly: I absolutely adore this outfit! I feel that it would have been perfect without the bag and with different shoes - but even so your face, hair and dress are all so perfect that I can't not give this top marks! 10/10 Hilmy: I must say, this is hands down my favourite outfit of the night! It is truly perfection and that's all I can say. I wasn't a big fan of this skirt previously but I love it in your ensemble. 10/10


Kimberly: I have no idea what's going on right now... Your blend of colours and styles are very confusing. I think the dress and Chanel cardigan could look alright together if put with the right things.... Maybe. 4/10 Hilmy: I like it but I just think it's too cheap looking. I love the colours but the way it is layered doesn't seem right to me. 5/10


Kimberly: The top, leopard print, shorts and necklace wouldn't be too bad but the shoes and bag totally ruin it. Besides, to a party event? 3/10 Hilmy: I don't like this at all. It's just too out there like you just picked whatever you found in your closet and wore it and it doesn't seem co-ordinated at all. 2/10


Kimberly: I love it and I love that skirt! It's a great mix between casual day chic and party wear. One of my favourite looks I have seen from the evening. 8/10 Hilmy: Oh wow! I love this outfit and the detail on the skirt. The skirt and top are a match made in heaven and I love the necklace, the shoes and the bag. I would love to see some exciting make up to go with this amazing outfit  but other that I am in heaven. 8/10


Kimberly: Very glam rocker! I love the vibe this outfit gives, perfect party wear!  9/10  Hilmy: I like this outfit but I feel like it's missing something and I can't put my finger on it. Overall - a cute outfit and I really like the colours. 8/10


Kimberly: I usually adore your outfits but something about this ensemble seems off. I don't know whether it's the dungaree jeans or not, but they seem to throw the whole look off. 5/10 Hilmy: I just don't see this outfit as a practical party outfit sadly. It's a great outfit altogether but I am not getting the true party vibe from it. 5/10


Kimberly: So chic! I love this outfit, even though I do feel as though the blue sweater looks slightly too casual for the event. 8/10 Hilmy: I love this outfit and I'm not too sure why! The colours are great and the layering is great but I'm not a big fan of the blue sweater as it seems a bit too casual. Overall however I love it. 8/10


Kimberly: I love this! It's very intricate and mysterious and I love how your use of minimal colours - only black and white - set off the emerald green piece. 9/10 Hilmy: I love it and I want to give you a higher rating because this would have been perfect for designer inspired. I can totally see this outfit being rocked on the party scene. 8/10 


Kimberly: I do quite like this however I feel as though something looks very off. I'm not sure whether it's the shoes or not but there is definitely something holding me back from truly liking it. 7/10 Hilmy: I do really like it as the colours are perfect for spring and the wedges are lovely but I feel like you could have done more as it isn't very memorable. 8/10 


  1. I am quite disappointed by how you rated the outfits. I don't get what is your idea of partywear! To_royal's outfit was the only outfit from the above that can be labeled as partywear to me, yet you both rated it low. However that is only my opinion and I do not mean to be disrespectful.

    1. I gave her a 9, that isn't low?! Besides were doing all of the outfits, these are a selected few at random! If you don't think they are particularly party wear then talk to them not me lol

      (by partywear i mean a somewhat casual evening party to an event)

  2. your fashion taste is questionable. these are THE best dressed list? apart from J.ordan and few dollies who put extra efforts in making the outfits interesting, most are just bleh from me

    1. oh sorry I just noticed the title was FW Night One. Hope to see better ones later

    2. Only part one - sorry I didn't mention in the post.

  3. I am so disappointed that you only rated a few...

    1. Maybe I should have stated previously that this is only part one!

  4. I love J.ordan's dress, hair and make-up. Dress looks so dolce&Gabbana I love it. But I didn't like the clutch neither the shoes. But I may say I like it in general.
    I am so sorry but Annehattaway's outfit is a complete disaster for me.
    To_Royal's outfit is very cool. But I didn't like the shoes.

  5. How did some of these outfits even get a 5? the only outfits i liked were to_royal's and J.ordan's and even then J.ordan should not have gotten a 10

  6. I'm sorry but Manda's outfit is just disgusting... Looks like what a 70yo would wear

  7. Mister_Y shit on everyones outfit and Manda looked nice and collected. I'd like to see the users pull off these outfits in real life though.

  8. Myster_Y <333
    little whore
    he is the best