Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Return of the Swan

I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga has made her return to your iPods recently due to the rushed release of her incredible new single, Applause – which was originally to be released on Monday, 19th of August along with her very “artsy” music video, directed by non-other than Inez & Vinoodh. Like any other Little Monster, I was waiting two years for new Gaga material, but a fashion eater that I am; I was looking forward to the new style Gaga would great us with. Might I add, she had her ups & her downs. 

Firstly, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing this incredible Alexander Wang for Balenciaga Resort 2013/2014 Dress along with what seems to be a telephone wire earrings & bracelet & a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses. From this look along, we know that Gaga is taking a more mature turn with ARTPOP, and the clothes she wears. But as a personal opinion, I love this look. It's so simple, yet accessorizing the garment with telephone wires keeps it looking well, Gaga! Although, there is a slight dilemma with this dress as a piece - it doesn't photograph well from the side. With the type of fabric used, it doesn't show off Gaga's figure in the best light.

I give this look: 9/10

Later that day, Lady Gaga was spotted wearing another Alexander Wang creation for Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2013. As I'm basing this entire post on my own personal opinion - I wasn't feeling this look all too much. On the runway, both the cracked sweater & the peplum trousers were quite smaller. The sleeves were an inch or so above the wrist & the leg of the trousers were a few inches above the ankle. On the runway, I adored this look; it was one of my favorites from the collection. If Gaga wore the entire look from the runway I think she would have looked wonderful. But this just looks frumpy. Oh, and I'm not a fan of the miss-matched shoes. Although, the hair & make-up for this look looks incredibly flawless. Fresh faced.
I give this look: 7/10

On Monday, Gaga joined the hosts of 'Good Morning America' for the premiere of Applause wearing this avant garde, Mathieu Mirano, created entirely from paper, yes paper. Although it seems very Gaga - but it feels like something she'd wear from the Born This Way Era, don't you agree? In the first look (above) the grandma hair looks chic, but in this picture, it just screams Cynthia Germanotta (Gaga's mother). The silhouette in itself doesn't float my boat.  It just looks like gluing the dress pattern together - and just looks like something Timothy Westbrook would create. 

I give this look: 4/10

As Lady Gaga continues her promotional tour for both Applause & ARTPOP, I'll be sure to keep you all up-to-day on her latest fashions. But, enough of my opinions - I want to know what you think and who should I follow next?

Eamonn Collins, x.


  1. I agree with what you say, I also really like the first look and the second looks too much oversized. But I liked the third, she has good skin tone with the white and she looks great.

  2. I LOVE the second look, the shape of the top is perfect but I wish she could have used some skinny pants instead of the peplum trousers.

    I love the first look, it's really beautiful. I'm obsessed with the shoes, I'm wondering who designed them.

    I love her, she just looks fresh and happy. I wish her the best!

    1. Manolo shoes are Ruthie Davis' Naomi :)

  3. Well ...... at least she looks normal in all these pictures. I can't even look at her most of the time. All credits to the stylist who dressed her.

  4. The second look doesn't look as good on her as the runway model that wore it because Gaga is short (about 155-160cm) while those models are all taller than 175cm! So the sleeves fall longer and so do the pants.

  5. no1 curr about gags

  6. She has so much money that it doesn't even matter what she puts on anymore. All of her outfits, minimal or not, have that appropriated Madonna/Gaga flair that everyone tries to copy, so she's doing pretty great in my opinion.