Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yes To Fall 2013

Autumn is eagerly approaching, and as everyone knows, with every new season comes a whole host of new trends for the upcoming fashion months. Care to check out some of the hottest trends from this upcoming fall? Keep reading on.
Lace & Leather (hollyoaksrocks*)
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Classic Prints: Are you tired of the floral and kaleidoscope prints that were everywhere during spring? Then welcome in classic prints like houndstooth for the fall months. Houndstooth goes with almost everything, don't shy away from wearing it to the office - menswear fabrics create a chic and professional touch.

Leopard Print: One of the hottest trends of this fall is most probably already in your closet - leopard print is back again for yet another season. Play with different colours of leopard print this time around, browns and blacks will always be there so try some fun options like pink and red too. Remember not to overdo it, a bit of leopard goes a long way!

Leather pieces: Leather is back for another season of trend notoriety. Instead of a full outfit of leather, go for one staple leather piece alongside other small trends and basic pieces - or edge it up for a moto look.

Emerald Green: Hints of emerald green are perfect for fall 2013, with Pantone choosing the shade as it's top colour for the year. Try paring the colour with other jewel tones such as amethyst, sapphire and garnet. Make sure to look for different ways to incorporate the shade into your daily outfits - a bag or high heels in this beautiful hue is the exclamation of your ensemble. 

Layering: Take the hint from BCBG and add an interesting touch to your fall outfit choices by adding on a few extra pieces. Mix textures with your skirts, tops, and pants - an outfit with many components should look as streamlined as possible.

Winter White: The temperature is dropping, however that doesn't mean we have to always reach for dark colours! Why not grab some white instead? Save your floaty dresses for spring, dress for the season in chunky knits, dresses and jackets made for the Fall/Winter season. 

Military: Military was all around at the fall 2013 Fashion weeks. You heard it, khaki green is about to become a staple in every fashion lover's wardrobe. Don't be afraid to take a girly twist on the military trend by adding accents and details like lace or brocade. 


  1. Ashley: I'll actually vomit if they bring back the military trend in the real world of fashion, or the safari shit. I am excited to wear my leopard print fur coat again this winter though, so there's a plus!

    Anon: omg ashley wtf r u still doing here get the fuck out of stardoll ur not cool and no one like u ur just a tranny fag kill urself

    I miss yoy guys! ;p

    1. Well sadly I'll have to live with stardolls attempt at animal print and army cargos. You lucky girl you!

    2. Ashley ;o I actually would like to see the military trend comeback, but turned into something we have never seen before. Now, I'd like to see that.

      The safari trend would work if there were unique animal prints but we barely see unique Safari-themed collections these days.

      I'm praying for Stardoll to release a new collection full of lace, especially for boys, I really want a pair of lace leggings in my closet right now.

    3. @Manolo: Lace leggins?! Really?
      In my opinions only girls should wear leggins.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. In the fashion world everything is possible, and there's a lot of people in Stardoll who are limitless when it comes to styling, and I consider myself one of those. I don't share your opinion but I respect it.


    can we say, slight plagiarism? don't stealing glamour's content and call it your own