Monday, October 21, 2013


On October 12th the fourth issue of Haute Magazine, owned by Lindsey (lovegossip4life), was released for the entirety of the Stardoll world to see. With Kirsten Well, the owner of The Stardoll Lookbook gracing the cover it was bound to be an interesting issue, but how does Haute Fall 2013 really rank?

On first glance, the issue is evidently stunning, but as you go into more depth the pages seem to become more and more repetitive. The same background of the New York skyline is continually used throughout the issue, and though cohesion is a must, it's also very important to have a variation of shoot locations and colours to keep a good balance between both so the issue is interesting to read, or just glance, through.

The cover is exceedingly well made and Kirsten looks like a true 'blogging beauty' in all of the cover girl shots chosen and created by Lindsey. In fact, all of the graphics in this issue of Haute were up to an a pretty solid standard. Flawless? Not quite, however there is no denying that they are a pretty strong bunch of shots. My one problem though is the lack of themes; everything is inspired by the city theme which makes it hard for anything to stand out.

The articles, although admittedly wonderfully written, are just too long. Although interesting articles are a must in a magazine it must be appreciated that the majority of people prefer shorter, easier to read, articles to sift through. Personally, I would try to keep a few longer articles mixed in with some snappier articles of smaller length.

All in all, an evidently beautiful and well thought out issue of Haute which still manages season after season to deliver. There are a few small points preventing Haute from reaching it's true peak however, and I believe that once these are tackled, Haute could be well on it's way to a near flawless issue.


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Kim! xo

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