Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Another season, another Limited Edition collection. Stardoll's October release of LE brought us heart print, plaid and awfully made graphics, but what was this fall collection really like?
Concept wise, this is easily one of the stronger collections of the latter LEs. It's become quite evident over the last few years that the Limited Edition that is released now is in no way the same brand as it once was. New era... Better LE? Sadly this is not the case as the graphics have continued to deteriorate further - with some items even looking like Fallen Angel rejects.

Sadly Stardoll's inability to shade a simple graphic have turned what was once the enjoyment of getting your hands onto the most glorious pieces of LE, into having to spend time deciding whether the piece in your shopping cart is good enough for all them stardollars you are parting with or not.

If Stardoll were to put more effort into their graphics then I am certain that LE could become as good as the brand that it once was. The concept is all there and many of the pieces could have looked amazing if they weren't so badly constructed.

My top (... and only) picks from this collection are the purple and burgundy tartan bags, cage dresses, black clunky sandals, cross body heart bag, lace kilt, Donatella black pants, chain necklace and pink jersey logo and tulle dresses. What were your favourite items from this collection?




What are your thoughts on the 18th(!) collection of Limited Edition?
Would you like to see a LE showdown between all of the collections?


  1. it was alright i bought some stuff

  2. I'm so sick of Limited Edition's tacky prints. They're obnoxious and immature. I've said this a thousand times already, but I wish Stardoll would release a Limited Edition collection with wardrobe basics. Items that you can implement to tons of outfits. And I wish LE pieces looked more high fashion and less like something you would see on a Barbie doll.

  3. Aislin is so right. These new editions are so bogus and so dumb. They expect us to pay for ss membership for this crap. Um hell no.

  4. I used to get so excited and hyped for the new Limited Edition collections. When the graphics were actually nice. But these last two years the graphics have gone downhill. I actually cringe when I see some of the clothing. I only bought the Drape Shorts, just because they are a lot more versatile than the other items.