Saturday, October 26, 2013

CALLIE'S PICKS, Store Review

**Warning: Like many of my posts, the following is subject to a hefty amount of swearing and finger-pointing. If you are uncomfortable with foul language, this is not a post for you . . . 

Today marked the opening of yet another store in the Starplaza. While I'm all for new collections, Callie's Picks was definitely not anything I was expecting.

And when I say, "Not what I was expecting," I mean it in the humblest what-a-piece-of-shit type of way. Now, it might just be me, but I'm not too keen on seeing doubles. Might I mention the use of mildly-rare items in this modern day collection?

Take the Tartan Cap Sleeve Dress, for example. Remember seeing that in Stardoll's Versus S/S 2011 collection? Ah, let the nostalgia sink in. And while we're at it, how about the Tartan Dress inspired by McQueen? If memory serves correct, at one point, that too, was considered valuable.

Though while I'm all for a re-release of something that suits my fancy, I'm not all that fond of rares releasing for round two. The very reason is in its name.

Lets start with why a rare is labeled a rare. Because it pertains to a certain value, therefore making it desirable. Kicking up the dosage of nostalgia: I can clearly remember asking my parents why the government doesn't make more money? To me, it made so much sense - hell, no one would suffer poverty; everyone'd earn a healthy dose of food each evening; and be able to afford all the 'wants' in life.

That's the thing, though. If money was spewing from trees, it wouldn't be seen as desirable. Same thing relates to Stardoll's rares. If everyone had lets just say, the DKNY Scuba Dress (Ah, yes, that'd be nice, wouldn't it?), it wouldn't be seen as a got-to-have item. And yeah, I'm well aware of the eye rolling; you don't need a lesson on value.

Aside from the point, though . . . lets not forget the other items featured in Callie's Picks.

To be completely honest, the entire collection makes my head spin at the sight of two completely different sides of Stardoll. I'm sure you're all highly aware of my - quite - obvious distaste towards newer collections of Stardoll's - hence the super shiny objects that appear as if they'd just gotten a hitchhike from Barbie. Often times I'll find myself wishing for elder feats of Stardoll - a little something I like to call quality. And yes, you can get that too, all here at Callie's most coveted closet. From the Gold Foil Plaid Dress (Which features the best of Photoshop's dodge and burn tools . . . ), to the Ruffle Hem Blouse (And ironically, doesn't even cater a speck of plaid), you can get all pieces of tartan known to man. Or dolls, in this case.

I'd also like to touch up on the fact that Stardoll seared the face of a fictional character into the seams of their "new" clothing. Cause' lets face it, Callie.Stardoll is just a myth in their game. If there was some solid proof that in fact Callie existed, then maybe I'd change my mind. Though, it's going to take a lot of convincing seen as it's been confirmed many times over that she's just a made-up name. That said, if it really is an invisi-woman making all the decisions, then how the hell is Stardoll translating her words of silence into a solid fourty plus items?

Also couldn't help but point out the cliche'd title of Stardoll's latest and greatest? I swear even "Original Future" is more original than that . . .

On a high note, however, I was actually thrilled by the little quick-fact article written up - all if you click on the "About the Trend" icon as featured in the store. It'll make up for some educated dollies as to this season's hottest trends, even if it's just the tip of the iceberg, at best. I'm just happy Stardoll brought in some facts strait off the runway - albeit the items featured come from previous seasons, and are so-called out of style.

Despite some - in my opinion - major flaws in Callie's Picks, I was alright with this release. I'd just wished it'd taken more than ten minutes top to create a collection of fourty-six misfits. And of course, add a dose of quality, and then I'll hand Stardoll over my seal of approval.


  1. Yeah it's kinda boring how they're only rereleasing everything, but I'd rather lose semi-rares value and get other items I couldn't have gotten before than just new shiny crap. I love the store.

  2. Bright red tartan pants? No thanks.
    But I have to admit I ADORE that old 'Wild Child' tee.

  3. A brilliant post. I so agree with you about bringing back rare items. That's why I really disliked Stardoll's Hot Buys from the past. In fact, it just pissed me off.

    Another problem with duplicating items into a new collection is that when you click an item to try it on your medoll, it will not tell you that you already own the item. They're from different collections, hence they are new, I guess. I have bought more than one item that I already owned.

  4. I like the fact that the rares are for sale to everyone because it removes just a small piece the elitist, dark underworld of Stardoll trading. It brings people to reality that paying 100+ U.S. dollars or Euros for a digital piece of clothing isn't worth it when the fact that the items can be resold for cheaper now. I think it's FABULOUS! I also like how all of the tribute items, like from the Gucci and Versus stores, are for sale at a decent price.

  5. I think it's a good idea because the starbazaar system has been abused, stardoll should have set a percentage limit to the profits anyone could make from selling an item, for instance no more than 80% of the cost price on any item sold. And because of the way items are being sold, stardoll programmed the starbazaar in such a way that you can hardy find any thing even basics items. Unlike 3 -5 years ago when I bought most of the so called 'rare items' for 2sd (& there were lots of them), you could even wait till the next day & you'll see more of the same items at cheap prices, but that was then. And bringing back these old items is another way of reducing hacking & scamming which was worse 3 - 5 years ago. A lot of people may not agree with old items being released again but this is the only solution to a problem that has existed for a long time. And it is caused by the desire, greed & jealousy of those who want all or most of the things that were sold before they joined. People go to accounts & ask where you got an item or how you bought them so cheap or if you could sell the items to them. People have those items cheap because they had their accounts when the store was released. I think it's a goo idea, I'm tired of these so called 'rare items' on stardoll.

    1. Correction - 'good idea'. And the tartan beret in front, I got it as a free item some years ago. It's better than giving these items free like they did in the past.

    2. This is FAR from a good idea. Why? Let me tell you why. See the fringe ELLE shoes for 8SD's? See the Alexander McQueen insp. dress? The Olsen Boye Shirt? Those items were valuable. The bullshit that stardoll's doing by releasing items from Realbrands is KILLING the value of items that are hard to find. Take the re-release of certain Hotbuys for 'Hotbuys Retro' The Minnie Mouse one-piece was considered a valuable item, so was the black/gold general jacket. Those items went for 20-25 SD's when most of Stardoll has bought them for 300+. See the issue? For those of us who have collected Real Brands and seeing them pop up in a store all over again is offensive. What happened to Stardoll releasing items that are new, and refreshing? This whole bringing back items from old collections is bull. What are they going to do next? Re-release ELLE? Or how about DKNY? Moschino? Stylin? They honestly don't get that when an item that is considered 'rare/valuable' it's value is diminished. So far from a good idea this is.

  6. Thats what you get for spending 600 sd on rares.

    1. I understand your point, but in reality nobody that bought rares for 600sd would ever think that Stardoll would rerelease rare items like they are doing. I'm fine with things from normal stores, but rereleasing items from tribute stores is annoying considering stardoll did promise that these clothes would be in stores for one month only, never to be rereleased.

  7. I'm not even going to attempt, to buy any of Callie's items.
    It's not the same without the real label.