Thursday, October 17, 2013


The fashion weeks have officially passed and we are all left in awe (...and in some cases confusion) at the designs that swept the runways during the month of full fledged fashion. Did you miss out on some of the top shows at any of the Milan, Paris, New York or London weeks? Not to fear, TTT will be covering some of the many runways from the season in a series of posts during the month of October.

Beginning with Alexander Wang, a collection full of Wang's trademark sporty and geometric silhouettes and shapes crossed with minimal pastel and a twist of prints of his own name. To view the full collection click here.

Genius? Possibly. However, many complain that they are somewhat bored of the similarities between the collections that Wang presents from season to season. Who knows whether an uninspired designer running out of ideas is to blame, or if this is just Wang sticking true to his original aesthetic. I, however, am a fan of what Alexander presents - and below I have compiled just a few of my favourite looks from his most recent collection.


  1. I love Alexander Wang. Favorite designer

  2. LOVED alexander wang this season, knocked it out of the park

  3. LOVED it!! BUTTTTT i cannn imagine people gettin bored of him

  4. There is no denying that he is Very Stylish cos he is very fashion forward but its not the most creative and haute of colections