Wednesday, October 16, 2013


P.S: This is our 700th post! 
"Under a full moon this Halloween do the doors of the dark side open to Dollies everywhere... but oh what to wear? Muahaha, never fear, fashionistas--- Tingeling Halloween Couture is back from the undead! Fashion is immortal!

Cast style spells in these ghoulishly gorgeous dresses, rumoured to be made with just a little black magic... 
Get them now--- they will disappear into thin air after the holiday!"

That's how Stardoll describe the newest release of Tingeling Halloween Couture on Stardoll, but is this all just a ploy to make us believe that Stardoll weren't just too lazy to make a new collection? Although the prices of Tingeling Halloween Couture in the starbazaar were extortionate, I still do not understand the reasoning behind Stardoll rereleasing old rare clothing. The graphic designers obviously realise that the older collections were better and therefore bring them back, but I would really love to see a new good collection, rather than an old reused one.

Other than this, the prices this time are understandably higher than what they were previously. With the Dark Floral Dress going for 65 stardollars... A lot for Starplaza standards, but a meagre price tag in comparison to the offerings available in the starbazaar.

What are your thoughts on this rerelease? 


  1. meh.... very expensive

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