Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The October Hot Buys have just been released on Stardoll and some are left disappointed, but what are this month's hot buys really like? If you're interested in hearing my opinion on these items, and finding out which real life designer they are inspired by then read on.

*P.S- Know any more real life versions? Let me know in the comments below!*

The first item of this month's collection is the Love Necklace, which is due for release on the 3rd of October at Epiphany. I'm a big fan of cute necklaces such as the one from Lanvin shown below, so I was really excited to see one on Stardoll. The red heart is a nice addition to the piece, but I question whether it will make it less wearable.
 The second item of this months collection is the Lace trim dress, which can be found at Bonjour Bizou on the 5th of October. I think this dress is very nice in both the black in real life and the white on Stardoll, and I'm glad Stardoll opted to stay minimal for this specific item. The dress is itself is very well made comparing to recent items released and I'm excited to try it on!
Next we have the box clutch, inspired by Jason Wu, which you can find at It Girls, available on the 29th of October. My first impressions of this clutch were good, but I feel as though we have already seen similar clutches to this in previous Hot Buys Weekly collections.  In saying this, the clutch is of very good quality and bares a very obvious and striking resemblance to the real life version by Jason Wu, which I'm sure makes the Stardoll fashion lovers more inclined to buy the piece.
The Hot Buys embossed jacket is due for release on 24th October by the store It Girls. I definitely prefer the real life version purely because the Stardoll version looks a lot more casual and I don't think it suits the severity of the look a like crocodile skin used for the piece. Whether I purchase this jacket or not will be based entirely on if it suits my doll well.

The final items of this post are the Snake Heels, available from Rio on the 10th of October. These are my preferred pair of shoes from this month's collections because of their trendy look. I think they would go well with many looks and I'm a big fan of the zippers that Stardoll decided to use for the 'snake' part of the heel. Do you like these shoes?

What are your thoughts on these items from this months collections? If you know any other of the real life items that these Hot Buys are inspired by then leave a comment below and I'll be sure to create another post on the second half of the items. 


  1. interesting 2 see real life versions!

  2. The snake heels are much better in real life. However the rest of the pieces are actually pretty good when you look at them closer

  3. Thanks for doing the research on these items. I find it fascinating to see the RL items that Stardoll uses as inspiration. When I first saw the October Hot Buys collection, the only thing I was sure that I wanted to purchase was the pair of snake heels. I think the original is MUCH better.

  4. 2 туфли это не Giuseppe Zanotti,это Nicholas Kirkwood!!!
    переведите мой текст вот моя статья))

  5. how do you find real version please give me tips :( xoxo~ Joddie55