Saturday, October 19, 2013


Which ironically, happened to be released on a Friday. Though, I can't complain, seen as the store is one of my few staples these days.

Earlier today, Stardoll announced the opening of two new floors for Nelly, entitled 'Cheap Monday.' While I was rather skeptical, considering the title, I was pleasantly surprised when two full pages of anti-shine (for the most part, that is . . . ) garments graced the Starplaza.

Everyone (especially on the blogger side of Stardoll) is all too aware of Stardoll's shine enthuse. Nelly seems to be one of those very few shops that cater to those who actually care about quality over quantity - or in this case, those whom no longer invest in all-too-sparkly barbie dolls. I'm especially keen of how the line manages to incorporate street style with a dash of elegance and high fashion.

Another aspect of Cheap Monday I'd like to commend is the fact Stardoll realized the ever-growing population of males. Though there was only one complete male outfit, I thought it was still a nice addition to the collection, none the less.

I can't help but also point out those gorgeous shoes Stardoll whipped out. In particular, the Carly Ellwood Shoes are absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite piece in the Cheap Monday debut.

Despite Cheap Monday being one of Stardoll's few successes in these past few months, I found myself missing a better flow from one garment to the next. I, personally, was not all to fond with a party dress and cocktail gown joining the mix of casual street wear. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to see a better flow.

That said, I've chose two completely different looks that feature at least one Cheap Monday item in their assemble.

From left to right: Jelinna, Pau.Cam.Arena

What are your thoughts? Which style do you prefer of Nelly? Street wear or elegance? Vote in the comments and share your opinions on Cheap Monday.

And on a totally unrelated note, I've pitifully abandoned TTT - yet again. Fear not, my friends, for I'm making a comeback! That's right, the bitch with the sarcastic attitude is back for more. Stay tuned.


  1. nice to see you post again! as much as i love the elegant look, i do think that street style is the right style for the cheap monday clothes! and agreed, i thought the third dress on the second page was a bit of an odd addition (needless to say it was nice enough)

    1. Speaking of which, I owe you a huge apology for not posting lately! I promise some more posts will be up soon!

  2.'s purse is awesome!! Totally completes the look. Not too keen on the hair.

  3. I don't blame blog writers who have lost interest or taken a break from blogging, I'm also losing interest in the game. I haven't changed my outfit or decorated my suite for almost a year now, it gets boring after a while. I have done the same thing for 4 years & wonder how those who registered before me in 2007 & 2008 still have an interest in buying the newest & latest outfits. I keep expecting new updates like a new feature or something. They said 'something cool was happening on Friday' which is just a normal store release, they seem to like building people's hopes up. Does anyone still play the stardoll downtown app that was much advertised by stardoll? I haven't seen anyone talk about that lately.

    1. They built downtown up far too much considering it's just an app. SD really needs proper new features and a possible makeover if they went to keep players interested because store releases dont cut it.

    2. Yes, I totally agree, we need some changes, something to keep users paying and playing on site, not just new stores and collections.

  4. jelinna :O love it!!'s looks weird, i mean not ugly but.... idk something is off.