Friday, October 25, 2013


Today marks the release of another new store on Stardoll, simply entitled Callie's Picks. The store is, unsurprisingly, full of Callie's picks for the week, or so, and for the first collection a whole load of recycled tartan was delivered to our very own shopping plaza. This is definitely one of the best store ideas we've had in years on Stardoll and it could even be labelled as a cool new Hot Buys alternative, but I find myself disappointed that Stardoll have yet again recycled old items for the release of a new store. Of course there are a fair few items that are worth the price, and it's worth mentioning that it is not expensive either, with pieces from the 2011 Lanvin Tribute selling for many stardollars cheaper than their original prices. I really want to love it, and I thoroughly enjoy the idea, but I find myself disappointed that Stardoll find the need to recycle every item existing in their own back catalog. But hey, cute bags. 

Stay tuned for a review!
Verdict: ★ 1 / 2 


  1. It is undeniably a good idea. The trend writeup is also interesting - at least SD is paying somd attention to actual fashion.

  2. The tartan bag was released in a store (only available in USA) called JCP Teens in 2010. The store was open for a very short time, here's a picture of the store .