Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Monthly hot buys have officially made their return! After around eight months with proper hot buys absent from the website, Stardoll have made the decision to finally bring back the monthly collections. This month Stardoll opted for a mix and match of casual and dressier items with the collection featuring the likes of pretty pink peplum tops and sequin zipper skirts (which slightly resembles the Philip Lim zipper skirt from the first ever LE collection back in December 2008).
Sadly the graphic is very pixelated and the coloured background is somewhat distracting, but I am sure that for now we can be thankful that the monthly hot buys are returning again to Stardoll! What are your thoughts on this month's Hot Buys?


  1. just happy hotbuys are back!

  2. For some reason Hot Buys feel more valuable when you can't buy them all at once. I prefer the monthly Hot Buys. I just wish they made better pieces.

  3. well done stardoll, now the monthly hotbuys are back, all that's left to bring back is the starcoin to stardollar exchange