Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I continually find myself wondering whether the old and original magazines of Stardoll, such as Style, Eternity and Fierce, really were better than the few magazines that stand in the current day Stardoll. Today, magazines from the hey day of Stardoll will be put to the test to see if they really are that much better than the issues of today.

Fierce Magazine owned by Hunnigall, was a magazine that started in early 2009 under the name of Sprinkle. Over time the issues improved hugely and by the end of Fierce's reign Alice was arguably the top graphic designer on the entirety of Stardoll. Sadly, the final issue that was promised by Alice was never given, but at least we can still bask in the glory of the magazine issues released before it's slow demise. Today, their final S/S 2010 issue will be trialled and tested to see just how it fairs against the issues of current times.

Cover: ★  8
There is no denying that that this cover is both very intriguing and well made. I truly love the huge inject of colour and I find the cover model highly  interesting. The graphic is well constructed, though I could imagine it leaving something to be desired in present day graphics. Less is more? For this cover the mass amount of texts works very well, but I can imagine it looking messy on others. 

Graphic Design: ★  8
Graphic designing is evidently Fierce's strong point and every graphic in this issue combines the perfect amount of Stardoll and realism. Each one of this issues 11 graphics are very strong and show off Alice's then graphic skill impeccably, with the amount of work gone into them evident.

Fashion Editorial:   6
Sadly, there is no full fashion editorial included in this issue of the magazine. There are numerous articles alongside some graphics and a set of trend graphics (which could be included as a fashion editorial) but no full fashion editorial in entirety.

Trends Shown: ★  9
For the time of release, this issue showed a massive set of trends including future fashion, military madness and cool as a cucumber graphics, complete with six makeup pages. As well as this, there is page on the involvement of maths and shapes in fashion, an article on the legendary Spanish architect Gaudi, Emilio Pucci and Camilla Skovgaard. 

Writing Style:  ★  6
The writing in this issue is somewhat rocky and could do with some work. Although the articles are all relatively short and therefore interesting, there are numerous errors that proof reading could have fixed included in the issue. 

How did this magazine score?
37 out of 50,  at 74% or B-


  1. Hehehe Nice post, I like when you give us that flashback from the past, because some members (between them there's me) that joined Dollywood in 2011 to the present, weren't able to live this period. So you give us a piece of that and we get to know how the original Dollywood was, and I feel in a way that old Dollywood was more ''Eliteful'' and way better. Keep giving us this flashback Kim.

  2. fierce was awesome thought it would score higher