Saturday, October 19, 2013


It's out with the old and in with the new, and here at Today's Top Trends we are looking for three new writers to take a position at the blog! I want to give flexibility to the writers, therefore to apply comment below with your name, stardoll username and a) a link to a blog post of yours or b) a piece of writing that would qualify you as a good candidate for the job at TTT.
I wish for a writer to cover the release of each Hot Buy as they come out with a small review and a rating out of ten, alongside a writer for current affairs involving other projects on Stardoll. The third writer would be freelance and give posts about varying subjects and features in and around the Stardoll world. The two other writers could also write a number of freelance posts during each month alongside their allotted posts on their given subjects. Think you have what it takes? Apply below. 


  1. My Name: Alex
    Stardoll Username:kadalajapaja
    Link To blogs:

  2. Username: queendetox

  3. Maurice /Marion
    stardoll username : Kickherout
    links to :
    - my own blog :
    - designer and captured columns 12' in underneathstardoll :

  4. Name: Ying
    Username: Yingsmiley
    Links: Fashion Blog/Tumblr:
    Youtube Channel:
    Used to work for Stardoll Local News and Stardoll Voice as a Freebie and Freelance writer.

  5. Name: Tania
    Username: Cooldeer123
    Link - but for more articles check
    *I've worked in many other blogs, if needed i can post the link of some

  6. Name: Roxanne
    Username: MissFoxyRoxy913
    Ss ample of writing: My own blog every post is by me.

    I wish to do hot buys reviews!

  7. Name: Ege
    Username: Violessa is created by me, but the language is Turkish. I don't write too much, but if you select me as a writer, i'll be more active. Good luck for everyone xoxo

  8. Name; Francesca
    Username; cevilpanda19993, all me including the graphics, every post is me, I also have a personal blog, ask if you would like a look. :) Sorry I don't know what to put here.

  9. Name: Anna
    Username: popelmagazin
    Example : Review 'Hot Buys Embossed Jacket'
    A few days ago Stardoll released another Hot Buys item the so called ''Hot Buys Embossed Jacket''. The design is quite simple, a piece of clothing fitting in with every style. The only BIG thing to criticize is the color. Of course autumn's colors are burgundy, dark green or blue, mostly dark colors but this kind of purple or violet is a bit queer, I do not know what I think about it. The golden buttons on the collar are a nice detail though. Overall the jacket has a nice design and I think you can create awesome outfits with it but if Stardoll had chosen another color it would look much better. Rating: 7/10

  10. Cayla | Flowerpin |

  11. Name: Catrina
    Username: Aeahat
    Sample writing: