Monday, February 3, 2014

A Limited Edition Review (Part One)

To many the excitement of getting your hands on a new piece of Limited Edition clothing disappeared while Stardoll implemented many new and mostly unpopular changes a few years back. However the newest collection of everyone's favourite stardoll shop, prior to its downfall that is, revealed a glimmer of hope in the revival of Stardoll's signature LE tag brand.

The Stardoll Advertisement (Issued 24/1/14)
On Thursday afternoon, 23rd of January, Stardoll unveiled the first hint of a new collection through the form of a colour palette image through Snapchat. Although it was such a minimal spoiler it was more than enough to get the majority excited for what was to come and admittedly, it did indeed look like a promising choice of colour from the design team. Later that day another hint, again shown through Snapchat, was given and on Friday morning Stardoll released the first official teaser, as shown above, for the coming edition. It was, and is, an undeniably beautiful spoiler and everything in the image seemed to be perfectly executed, which is a rather unusual feat for the dolly designers who have made a living out of meagre graphics and advertisements.

Hours later, the Limited Edition store went incognito and closed its doors for the first time in 4 long months while users waved goodbye to the dreadful plastic plaid mess which filled the Starplaza previously. Hours passed and not another hint or spoiler was released, with thousands upon thousands of comments accumulating on the Underneath Stardoll blog as perplexed fashion lovers tried to figure out what on Earth Stardoll was doing with their time.

Stardoll dropped the first reveal of the store interior on the social networking sites Instagram and Google Plus at around 2PM GMT. It is safe to say that the interior is easily the best backdrop that Stardoll has crafted since the beautiful floral LE scene created back in the summer of 2011. But yet, still no sign of the new collection everyone was so eagerly anticipating.

The store was finally released at around 8:50PM GMT, which was the latest a Limited Edition release had ever come. Certain pieces sold out in mere minutes and very quickly Underneath Stardoll had crashed and Stardoll was full of crazed fanatics filling their carts with the clothing they had been visualising for so long. I got to the store around 15 minutes after the initial release and around six things were already sold out. In fact, unlike prior collections which took between 7 days and 1 month to sell out, this edition took as little as 36 hours, with the vast majority of things gone after a mere 18.

More to the point though, how does this collection actually fare?
Check back tomorrow to find out!

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