Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Limited Edition Review (Part Two)

To many the excitement of getting your hands on a new piece of Limited Edition clothing disappeared while Stardoll implemented many new and mostly unpopular changes a few years back. However the newest collection of everyone's favourite stardoll shop, prior to its downfall that is, revealed a glimmer of hope in the revival of Stardoll's signature LE tag brand.


After the collection had sold out and I had taken some time to digest my thoughts about the new release I found that although it was no show stopper, the collection was undeniably a step in a positive direction. The clothes, although not particularly well made nor ultra stylish like so many had hoped for, were presentable and far more 'LE' than previous seasons. 

If Stardoll were to take more time perfecting a lot of these pieces, this collection really could have been a lot better. For example, the skirt in the picture above has some interesting ideas and a nice shape, however Stardoll's LE logo ruined the piece. Limited Edition should be able to look like Limited Edition without having to have the logo of the brand plastered onto it. Sure, some brand logos are iconic and a statement piece with a logo on it is lovely, but you certainly do not see real life designers plastering every runway with their own logos. 

Personally I would like to see LE grow up a bit. It began more than five years ago now so it is obvious that over this period Limited Edition would have gone into a new direction, however I feel like out of every store in the starplaza, Limited Edition should be the one that takes direct inspiration from the runways, in both quality and design.

All in all Stardoll still has a lot to do until they perfect this brand once again, but for now this collection has been somewhat of a breath of fresh air in what had been a devastatingly poor timeline of releases. A good release? Yes. But is 'good' really enough for a brand like LE?

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