Saturday, February 1, 2014

Entrer Hot Buys - February 2014

There was an unusual lack of Hot Buys collections last year but Stardoll have appeared to reverse this trend and are once again back into the swing of their monthly collections. Though whether they're good or not is a completely different question it is always somewhat exciting to peer into the fashions from that coming month.

After an interesting yet mediocre collection of January hot buys (which you can view here), Stardoll have released their February edition, which are unsurprisingly embellished in hearts and jewels galore. However similar to the January collection they are laid out beautifully, aside from the rather creepy model and her somewhat intimidating glare.

Personally I am fond of quite a large selection of the monthly picks and there is nothing which I can immediately say that I dislike. Every item looks well crafted and I am especially excited for the Hearts Shirt, available on the 4th of February, which takes direct inspiration from the beautiful Burberry real life version. Alongside this, The Valentin jacket also looks very on trend and I can see the Paris clutch and accompanying jewels going down a treat too.

All in all, February looks like a very promising month for Hot Buys and I am excited to try on all of the above items. Stay tuned throughout the month for a review of each and every Hot Buy on their day of release, starting today!