Monday, February 17, 2014

FW Highlights - Karen Walker

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Although not a brand that I'd heard much of prior to the show, I was interested to see what would come of the Karen's suffragette nod. I thoroughly enjoyed the collection and was interested by the casual yet catchy designs which featured bold statements such as "Young, Willing & Eager" and "Faster, Better & Stronger". 

Some of my favourite looks, which I have featured below, really captured some of my current favourite trends and fashion ideas. I love the simplicity yet boldness of the first two, with simple accessories and extravagant touches adding an excitement to otherwise minimal outfits. I'm also a fan of the interesting cut of the third, and I think that the colour of the dress looks amazing on the dark skin of the model. I must say though that I'm not obsessing over the fourth look, though the model was interesting and the image was available so I included it anyway. Not a perfect nor wonderfully exciting collection, but it was nice to see a fashionable nod to our amazing strong women. 

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  1. love this post! fashion week has me at it again - i'd love to see a post on the marc by marc jacobs collection