Sunday, February 16, 2014

Intro + Metallic Harem Trousers

Hello TTT! I'm Kirsten and I am one of the new writers =) Some of you will know me as sparklewand12 on Stardoll and others might know me from my own blogs The Stardoll Lookbook or the newer and less known The Stardoll Beauty Spot. You may even know me from my graphics - I've kind of done a bit of everything! I'm so delighted to be given the opportunity to write here on such a wonderful and longstanding Stardoll blog and I really hope I can deliver to you all! So on to my first post:


I've recently, in the past 6 months or so, become a huge trouser fan; and I mean like an addict! The first thing I do when I go to the bazaar is search for trousers because there are so many out there on Stardoll that chances are I haven't come across most of the pairs! I bought these Metallic Harem Trousers in the bazaar maybe three or four months ago and I think I've worn them once or twice, but I always had a bit of a love-hate relationship with them as I have never known what to wear with them.

That was the dilemma until the other week when I decided I wanted to style them for my recent challenge over at the lookbook - I found so many pieces that worked with them! It gave me the new dilemma of which look to go for. So I chose one (I'm yet to wear it actually, and it's not featured in this post), but kept the other items aside for a styled outfit post, and when I was accepted here I thought why not post it? So here are a few of the other outfits I came up with for these:

The first look on the left is definitely going to be like Marmite to you guys, particularly with the loose shape-less top because its style is so similar to that of the trousers, but I felt the colour really worked and overbalanced the shape issue. I went with simple heels and a basic pale clutch so they wouldn't take from the colours of the clothes. I then finalised it with two skull necklaces - I'm not sure what drew me to choosing skulls for this outfit, or why I decided to put two but it just came together.

The second outfit here on the right was one of the first things I came up with. The trousers have this dark caramel colour, so I chose a top from the same sort of colour palate. Accessorised with nude, lightly decorated heels, then topped it off with an orange bag - I'm having a weird thing about orange recently. I just like it though unfortunately I know a lot of people won't see eye to eye with me on this! 

The two on the left below are the same look - I liked both the tee and the sweater with the exact same accessories and thought, hey - why not wear them together? It's something I never do because I actually don't really think about it, but I like how this turned out. I stuck to the caramel coloured palate with this look too really in choosing the gold accessories, but I'm glad I got to use this bag, I've been trying to style it for ages!

The final look again highlights my weird orange obsession! I adore this Sonia Rykiel sweater and I happen to think it works greatly with the trousers (feel free to contradict, I know it's not everyones cup of tea). I went basic on accessories, choosing nude heels and a simple gold decorated necklace. I kind of like it, but not quite so much as some of the other looks I've shown you today.

So what do you guys think? Can you style these trousers better? If so, send a link below! 
And what did you think of my first post here at TTT?

Lots of love,


  1. when I saw the trousers I though that noway you can make them look pretty.
    I was wrong, I especially like the first two.

  2. love the last look=))