Monday, February 17, 2014

Introduction + Style It! #1

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica, and I am one of the four new writers at TTT. I must say, I am really happy to be writing on such a well known blog, and I look forward to perhaps getting to know some of the readers.

My main segment will be Style It!, in which I will choose a piece of clothing from Stardoll and style it on my doll, and then challenge the readers to style it themselves. For my first Style It! post, I have chosen a piece that I personally really like, the Pastell Green Trousers from Callie's Picks.

I found these trousers harder to style than I had expected, simply because I found it hard to find pieces that didn't distract from the pants with a lot of crazy colors. In the end, my outfit ended up looking fairly good in my opinion, although I am still not a huge fan of the bag. 

Now, the main point of Style It! is to see the style of you, the readers. Create an outfit using these trousers (you can find them if you search for green pants in Starplaza), upload it to Tinypic or a similar website, and leave the link in the comments. You can style the trousers on your own doll, or my doll, it is up to you. The three best outfits will be featured in my next post. I look forward to seeing your entries!

xoxo Jessica / ALLYE99


  1. I like the outfit you made. the color of the pants makes them quite difficult to style.
    I gave it a try even though I don't usually wear bright colors..


    A part of the URL says "incomplete," but nothing about the styling or post is incomplete, just so you know. ;)