Friday, March 14, 2014

A New

When we were first given a Stardoll makeover back in the early summer months of 2010 there was shock around the entire globe of Stardoll players. The typical yellow and pink that the users had grown to love had vanished off of the website, and replacing it was a sleek new look very similar to the one we know today.
Stardoll's unveiling of their makeover in 2010
Since the big makeover of 2010 we have yet to be presented with a major change on Stardoll. Throughout the years we have of course received some minor altercations to the website, but nothing as drastic as what we will be seeing in the near future. In the summer of last year, an application by Stardoll called Downtown was created and put onto the App Store. The application offered a different way of playing Stardoll with an all new design, and it seems like that may be hitting the official website very soon. 

The new toolbar for Stardoll - Credit to Underneath Stardoll 

We have already seen a minor update to the toolbar of the site, with the new black theme showing a more mature and fresh side to the one previous. Personally, I'm all for the concept of a Stardoll makeover, as long as Stardoll also focuses on important updates they really need. 

After a quick browse on the Underneath Stardoll blog it became very obvious about the features people really want to see updated on Stardoll. Firstly, an updated starbazaar and storage search - Although I'm not particularly bothered about the storage, an updated starbazaar would come in very handy. At this point it's incredibly hard to narrow down your search so unless you're lucky; good luck finding the item you're looking for in the first ten minutes of hunting. 

As well as this, people seem to be interested in the return of the popular Catwalk competition, which made its sudden exit from Stardoll a few months back after being replaced by The Vote. I would also enjoy to see the demise of the starcoin, with the stardollar becoming the sole currency of the website. I think many people will agree that the starcoin is a somewhat pointless currency as it becomes increasingly challenging for non superstars to conjure up stardollars. 

Stardoll Downtown App - Starplaza
Although the Downtown app was a promising introduction into the future of Stardoll I cannot say that I was happy about every new feature given. The lack of a save button could be hazardous to the actual Stardoll website - I for one thoroughly enjoy giving my doll new looks, and not all of those I wish to save. The removal of a save button, in my opinion, would be an awful idea.

All in all I'm excited for what could be to come for the new Stardoll. It has been a while since something exciting has happened on the main website and I think it would be great for Stardoll to develop from the makeover they gave us almost four years ago. Are you excited for a Stardoll makeover? What new features would you like to see on Stardoll? 


  1. I am actually getting tired of the design on stardoll now it is way to girly haha! I hope starcoins are taken away because when you have so much you still cant buy many things because the starcoin items are so damn expensive! But this new older more mature look really looks amazing and i hope the beauty parlour and store search are way better than now! All in all im really looking forward to a big makeover!

  2. I like what I've seen so far save for a couple of things. When you click on Daily Tasks, it should take you to that page, not an intervening 1/8 or so of a page. I'm also not too crazy about the font. I hope it's temporary.

    But what I most wanted to say is how much I appreciate your taking the time to put these changes into some historical context. You rock.

  3. And I forgot this, too: I am in desperate need of being able to find things in my own closet. I have them sorted into types and colors, but they get displaced by Stardoll all the time. It would be nice to have a search option for our closets. Just sayin'.