Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hot Buys Go Street Style

Throughout my years on Stardoll I've felt as though they have been, at times, somewhat out of touch with the real world of fashion. Although a vast amount of Stardoll creations are inspired by those of real life designs, I still always feel that something disconnects the Stardoll and fashion world, and whether it be the fact that Stardoll have to cater to a young audience or not I do not know.
On a whole, a lot of Stardoll's recent releases, whether they be Rio, PPQ, Young Hollywood or It Girls, have been at a pretty high standard, and it's been good to see Stardoll taking into account what many fashion lovers on the website crave most.

After a mediocre set of glamour themed March Hot Buys I was somewhat shocked to see the direction that Stardoll had gone for in the April collection. Wave goodbye to the bandage beach dresses and bejewelled sandals and hello to the trendy street style items which Stardoll now have to offer.

The collection, which seems to take its main inspiration from Rihanna and Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy), is full of innovative pieces which I would have never guessed Stardoll would have created. Admittedly, not everything I could see myself buying, but I applaud Stardoll for including a variety of pieces while still sticking to this wonderful street style theme.

The interested red and white striped blazer is actually from the mens fall/winter 2014 Givenchy collection while the boots, which are also designed by Tisci, were created for Rihanna's world tour. The other items all seem to follow the same style route, but I am yet to find any of the other real life versions.

All in all, I am thoroughly impressed by Aprils 10 new additions to the Hot Buy emporium. Both the graphics and stylings have got me excited for the release of these items, and I am ready to load up my shopping cart with some of these fabulous pieces.

Are you excited for the April Hot Buys?
Which do you like most? Comment  below.


  1. I like the Disco earrings and the Diamonds boots. The rest is just not me. Thanks for your posting. It's very interesting!

  2. What do you think of my graphic?