Monday, March 24, 2014

Style It #2: Charlotte Purse

Truth be told, I had some difficulty choosing what piece to do for the second Style It. There are just so many great pieces on Stardoll, that can be styled so many different ways. However, I finally made the decision to style the Charlotte Purse from Fallen Angel.

I wouldn't say this purse is difficult to style, since it is solid black, but I would say that it is a piece that has endless possibilities. While I was trying to find an outfit to style around this purse, I was constantly straying from my original plan, which was to make a very simple and minimalistic outfit, simply because I kept coming across pieces I though would look good with this purse. In the end, I gave up on making a simple outfit, and instead decided to make an outfit that for some reason looks very French in my opinion, most likely because of the stripes.

Now I would like to see how you would style this purse! Simply style it, and upload the image to Tinypic, Imgur, etc. If you want, you could also post the image on your own blog. Then just post the link in the comments along with your Stardoll user name. Next week I will post the looks here on TTT. Also, I have decided to add a bit of incentive this week since I am cleaning my Stardoll closet anyways. In next week's post, the outfits will be voted on by the readers, and the owner of the best outfit will win these Pearl Pink Heels from Stardoll's Mark Fast Tribute.

I look forward to seeing your entries!

xoxo Jessica / ALLYE99

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