Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Styled Outfit: McGinley Jacket, Killah

I've always loved this cardi - it's the sort of thing I would happily wear in real life, so when it came out in the Plaza quite a while ago now, I bought it right away! Recently I wore it for my latest challenge at The Stardoll Lookbook and someone commented saying they'd always struggled in styling it in a younger/fashionable way - so that's what I plan to do in this post!
So it's from Killah and costs 12SD's - for me this is a great price for the amount I wear it, and that makes it a great purchase =)
Normally I wear it with dresses, and I've actually kinda gotten into the habit of wearing it with the denim Hotbuys one (2nd on the right below), but it does work well with any coloured dress really, I think bright ones look great:
But these looks are quite basic, I wanted to come up with something more, so here are some more styles that I've come up with for this cute cardigan =) 
Somehow all ended up being with trousers, but I still think it shows versatility with the cardigan! Oh, sorry for my terrible editing skills, don't quite know where they've disappeared to today!

So what do you guys think of the cardi? Love or hate? 

Styled an outfit yourself? Show me in comments =) 

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  1. I liked this cardigan! I had no idea it existed until now! Off to starplaza!