Saturday, March 1, 2014

WCW (#1) - Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion Week has been a huge favourite of mine since I stumbled across the magnificent sight that was Chloé’s 2011 RTW collection. Ever since then, I have loved keeping up to date with certain brands and seeing how they have interpreted the upcoming seasons’ trends. One thing I have grown to adore through FW is the street style that people capture through their lenses. Being able to see various kinds of people express their senses of style on a day/days where pretty much anything goes is both exciting and inspiring.

So with Fashion Week on the verge of ending, (it has reached its final destination - Paris) I decided to dedicate the past week on Stardoll to wearing Street style-esque outfits that I felt would represent me in the four major FW cities:

For me, New York has such a ‘working woman’ feel. I’ve probably watched too many episodes of Sex and the City (haha), but when I think about NY I imagine many Carrie Bradshaws running around in their fabulous heels, wearing coats fitted to perfection, with cappuccinos in one hand and mobile phones in the other as they make their way to work. This is just a silly fantasy of course, but it is the inspiration behind my NYFW outfit.

Living in London has really made me appreciate accessories. Rings, hats, bags, necklaces; you name it, London girls work it. For this reason, I was mainly inspired by the role of jewellery in elevating outfits, as I feel like it can make a simple outfit that much cooler and interesting. There was something about the seam on the PPQ skirt that also made me gravitate towards it- I really liked how it looked like gold accents as opposed to stitching.

Two things made me want to create this outfit; the first Milan street style photo I ever saw, and Moschino’s Fall 2014 RTW collection. I wish I knew how to find the photo I’m talking about, but unfortunately I viewed it years ago. Nevertheless, when I tell you it was something else I’m not kidding. There was such an overload of bright colours and yet a fantastically cool feel about it that has stuck in my head. As for Moschino’s collection, it was the sheer audacity of it; cartoony ‘in your face’ designs incorporated with the urban flair that is associated with Jeremy Scott. My favourite Milan show this season.


If the fashion weeks were four different people, Paris would definitely the most feminine. The romantic nature of the city makes me think of soft yet clean lines and effortless simplicity. I thought the floral design on the dress (used as a top) added a little more intricacy to the outfit, and that the sheer material added a risqué element to it without being distasteful.

So those are my FW street style inspired outfits guys! Which one do you like best, and why?
Also let me know which of the Fashion Weeks is your favourite and what you would wear
(Definitely include a photo if you've got time!)

And before I conclude this post (because it is getting way too long), I'd just like to
say thank you for all the positive words on the last post. You have no idea
how happy your feedback made me.