Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Fierce magazine, owned by Alice (hunnigall) and Emma (mysecketlover), was possibly the most influential magazine of Stardoll's golden era. When the final issue was released only last month, after almost four years since the issue prior, it spelled the end of the Fierce era... Or did it?

Boreads"Boread: the great great Greek god of the northern wind. He had two children Calaïs and Zethes. Alice and Emma. The Boreads; children of the northern wind.
Respectively 18 and 20, Alice and Emma live on each side of the North Sea. One is British, the other Danish. They both have a love for art and cheese. And Fierce. But struggling to make time for it, with social lives and school a blaze, they decided to leave their love behind and start on something with a bigger flexibility. Hence Boreads.
We bring you a more mature, yet bolder side of the Stardoll blogging scene. We bring you back to an era long forgotten. We will not limit ourselves to anything. This blog will feature things, passions and thoughts from our private lives as well as everything else. If you went looking for another Fierce or another typical Stardoll blog, this is not the one. Keep on looking."

After only days of setting foot into the Stardoll world, it has set the blogging scene alight with interesting articles and wonderful graphics to go alongside. Although Fierce may be over, the story lives on in the form of the interesting new blogging world of Boreads. Both Alice and Emma bring such interesting takes on Stardoll and the world to the blog, whether it be through writings or art, and I am excited to see what they have to bring in the near future.

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