Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gone With The Wind

Every few months Stardoll grants us access to multiple floors of top new hairstyles. Whether they're good or bad is of course always debatable, but it's always nice to be able to purchase some new looks for your doll to wear. This time around we were presented with a 'Tress Up: Gone With The Wind' collection, priced between 11 and 20 stardollars.

Unsurprisingly enough, more than a few of the 'blowing' hairstyles make your doll look somewhat insane, with their hair blowing in all directions while they stand as still as ever with motionless outfits from neck to toe. Although some of the styles are maybe slightly too exaggerated, a few do look good and work as a blowing hair piece. 

Priced at such prices I would expect better hair as some look unfinished, and in comparison the winter collection previous lack detail and style. The Loretta style for example, priced at 14 stardollars, looks undone at the top for light hair, while it has slightly more detail when put into darker dyes. The majority of hair styles available look better in the dark colours on offer, which is a slight annoyance for all of us bleached dollies out there. 

Ultimately I'm sure you can find a style that you like, however in comparison to previous collections that task may be a whole lot harder. Even though the store is packed with 15 new styles I find that I am uninterested in a good 5. Though at least we got a gorgeous advertisement to drool over the wonderful facial features which we are all so desperate for.   


  1. I kinda liked this collection!
    I made an outfit with the Gone With the Wind hair


    here are the clothes:

    Celfie hat ( 11sd
    Gone With the Wind hair (Tress up): 18 sd
    Ellie Top ( 16sd
    Medley Jacket ( 26 sd
    Skinny Cheetah Jeans ( 16 sd
    Traveler Boots ( 14sd

    This is a pretty urban styled outfit and i love it and it costs 101 stardollars which is kinda expensive but worth it it is so beautiful and edgy!

    1. the hair color is lavender from doree that costs 6 stardollars and it is pretty i recomened you get it!