Saturday, April 12, 2014

LE - Review!

So yesterday at the pre-given time of 1pm (for me anyways) we got our latest dose of LE, and I have to say I think it was a mad rush, kinda like those ridiculous 7am Boxing day sales that I absolutely refuse to go to! I was online waiting, ok, I was in a study room at uni, shouldn't have been on Stardoll but had it open and sized it down small so no one would see (there were only 2 other people in the room though) and I like to have a good look through everything before making my mind up, and even then some things I was clicking were about down to half their numbers and the items had only been out 10 minutes, so I turned into a bit of a frantic clicker of the mouse and I'm sure the other people thought I was crazy (I kinda am though, lets face it =P)!!! But anyways, here's what all this fuss was about:
So we had 4 floors packed to the brim with designer-inspired LE clothing, including an outfit for the guys out there! I think there was a great mix of resort styled clothes with skirts and dresses galore, I do feel like there could have been a few amazing pairs of trousers there though! I really love pastels, but I'm not so sure about the abundance of black dotted in there, I think a little more cohesiveness between items could have worked out well. There was also a really good selection of shoes and accessories, sometimes they get forgotten about I think, but definitely not this time, although I only picked up a few, there were definitely accessories for everyone! 
Now onto prices, I believe them to be a lot more expensive than the collections have been in the past, with quite a few dresses breaching the 200 SD mark. Prices range from 30 for a necklace right up to 260 for a dress. I do think in the rush and madness that is LE people don't really consider the prices, if I had more time to clearly think through pieces and prices I do think things would be different and I wouldn't have spent over 1.5K on items! But I am happy with everything I bought and I do look forward to styling them when I have time =D That seems to be my new motto "...when I have time" =)

Here are some of the pieces that I chose to purchase from the collection, I would show you them all but my computer is being ridiculously slow and it's taking forever! I've not styled anything yet, but I will when I have the time ... in a month!

And finally for a whole lot of LE looks that I've spotted around the site:


  1. a very nice review, lovely post :)
    thank you for featuring me!

  2. best LE for a LONG time! probably my favourite since collection 11 back in the summer of 2011

  3. This blog is so silly. It's constant fascination with Limition Editions, Trends and HotBuys is exhausted. Possibly try something less repetitive to keep it engaging. The previous owners didn't play safe.