Monday, June 9, 2014

Styled Outfit: Fringed Sleeveless Shirt

An exclusive Styled Outfits post for you guys today, featuring this plaid shirt from the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply floor of the Nelly store - it's a piece I was gifted about two months ago and haven't gotten around to styling at all due to my current challenge over at my own blog, so I decided to style it for you guys here today, so nope - this post hasn't already been done at The Stardoll Lookbook!
It costs 18SD which can be quite expensive for some members, so you're really going to want to have quite a few styling ideas first, as I know I can't be the only one who jumps on pieces before thinking about how they could be worn or how they fit into the rest of your wardrobe! So here are a couple of ways in which this shirt could be worn:
I did try and pair the shirt with a skirt, but I couldn't find anything that worked just right - maybe something I can keep working on, however I do quite like it with the 3 different pairs of bottoms that I have worn it with, I think the black roll ups might be my favourite, plus that could look good with a jacket too, or a cardi over the shoulders =) 

What do you guys think of the shirt? And if you've bought it, how have you worn it?

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  1. Gosh! You are really good & have got nice pictures & examples, if only stardoll would take these poses & put them in their game. A suggestion would be to state where the accompaniments to the outfit is from in case if someone wants to get the same look from the store (if it's still available). Well done for this post & the previous one.