Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Release: Bikinimania

The 20th edition of Callie's Picks (yes, we are somehow already on number 20) has just been released to the starplaza. The release, titled 'Bikinimania' is full of a large variety of bikinis from numerous years of summers on Stardoll. This time around there aren't as many rares, but there is a pretty big selection of previous hot buys. The prices are far too high on some items, though reasonable on others that were worth quite a lot pre re-release.
For some reason, Stardoll is charging 17 stardollars for an ugly zebra bikini (that doesn't fit) that used to be a freebie. Overall there are a few nice finds in there, my favourite being the Summer clutch, and the store looks very nice as per usual. Personally, I would like for them to go for monthly releases like Archive instead of releasing each fortnight. What do you think?

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  1. I am not a fan of Callie's Picks. Not so much because of the re-release of HBs, rares, etc. but because of the fact that I cannot remember which of them I already own. And I own a lot of stuff! I have, more than once, bought something and then found that I already owned the original. Go figure. I'm tired of Callie's Picks. Once a month is still too often.