Friday, June 27, 2014

The 2014 Tribute Season

Since 2010 we have received, each and every year, a selection of stores which are a tribute to some of the world's biggest real life designers. 2014 was no different, and this time around we were given some of the highest names in fashion, including Dior, Versace, YSL and of course, Chanel.

Back in May, the tribute season started with something we'd never seen before. The first release was Chanel of course, but instead of a fashion collection we were given multiple floors of CC inspired decor. 

I would be lying if I said that decor interested me as much as fashion does, although I do love it outside of the Stardoll world. Many of the themed CC items would go great for a full on Chanel inspired room, or could work just as well in a space that needs an injection of designer style. I'm sure some people lapped up the Chanel decor, but I can't say that I was particularly excited.

Next up was a Yves Saint Laurent tribute, which made its way into starplaza at the beginning of June. The interior and store layout were exactly the same as the collection from the previous year, and the clothes were uninspiring and somewhat tacky with very questionable colours and prints to match. I only ended up purchasing one item, but I did like a few more. 

After YSL we received a Versace tribute. In general the store was better - in designs and in graphics - but it still wasn't up to par with what a Versace or YSL tribute could have been. The graphics, although most often pretty well made, were sometimes very bland and lacked dimension to make the items look more like real clothes and less shiny and plastic. I bought more items at Versace in comparison to YSL however, and there were some very nice boots and accessories. 

A few days later we got a Fendi tribute, which was an accessories only collection featuring shoes, bags, keychains, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and scarves. The quality was very impressive, but the prices had skyrocketed, with some of the most expensive purses costing anything up to 58 stardollars. Many were defending the prices, saying that Stardoll had to pay Fendi to use their designs, but nearing up to 60 stardollars is still a little bit excessive. 

To end the tribute fashion season we received a Dior tribute, which was by far the most interesting collection of the four. I enjoyed quite a large amount of the designs, and on a whole the graphics were pretty good too. I was very underwhelmed by the quality of the accessories (the shoes and bags), but after an accessory only collection I guess it doesn't bother me too much. 

And just as we thought tribute season was over, we were treated to a Missoni Home tribute, which I definitely appreciated a lot more than the Chanel one. The colours and patterns were fun and the furniture was very interesting. The collection was undeniably expensive, but if you have the cash then why not spend it. I'm still not particularly in love with Stardoll decor in general, but this release was definitely a nice addition. 

What are your thoughts on this tribute season?
What was your favourite release? Or your least?
Comment below!


  1. I'm from Russia, but still read every article. Just chudeksnayastatya. Favorite store Dior
    P.S. Thank you for the wonderful article

  2. I agree with you in most of these! My favourite was the Dior and I got very few things from the rest. The fendi tribute was fun and some bags were awesome, but i wouldn't pay so much for them.