Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WCW (#2) - Limited Edition

Hi all! It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry (Of course you guys have been informed on what had been happening) but I am so glad that TTT is back and I am reunited with you lovely people.
In this post I will be showing you how I style some of the items from the recently released Limited Edition Collection. I’m pretty sure one of the girls will post an in depth review soon, so I thought I would just give you some of my opinions on the collection.

Firstly, out of ten, I give the collection a six. The only reason it is a step above average for me is that there are some great standout pieces, with the men’s Snake Print Dallas Shirt being one of them (as well as being my favourite item). For the most part, however, the collection is mediocre at best. A massive disappointment for me was that the collection wasn’t grunge inspired like Stardoll had claimed. To me it had more of a cowgirl feel, with the repetition of words such as ‘Dallas’ and ‘Sherriff’ adding to this.

Despite the collection being nothing special, I do appreciate that many of the items can built upon and made to look chic or grungy. I am also thankful that it isn’t too gaudy or in your face, meaning you can style a lot of the items in many ways.

These are my thoughts on the collection, now onto the outfits.

Below are three ways I have styled some of the items that I purchased (side note; the interior is amazing!). Hopefully you like them.

What are your thoughts on the collection, how did you style certain pieces (post your outfit for a chance to win 200sd) and what is your favourite item? Let me know down below!


  1. SoniaBellaStone! x

  2. For me it's nice made collection, but I don't like cowboy style (where is grunge and Kate Moss?). In the end I bought some stuff and few of them I regret.

  3. My favorite item was the Snake Print Tank and here is my outfit for the competition
    emmahunt4 xoxo

  4. This is my outfit:
    I decided to embrace the cowboy feel and go for a fringed bag and denim shorts, I used the Belted Dallas Blouse and LE Fringe Keyring in this look.
    My favourite item is probably the Electra Fringe Shawl which I only spotted the third time I looked in the store, I'm glad I spotted it as I adore it.

  5. One of my favourite items was the Snake Print Tank, I liked some other items as well but they were already sold out :( My outfit:

    MissRachson x

  6. This is my outfit, I could not buy anything cause right now I'm broke, but I did it in Starplaza, hope it's okay.

    About the collection, there are some pieces I adore, but as I said I'm broke so I will not be buying them.. :(

    amaia_estebanez xx

    1. Sorry, this is my outfit:

  7. My favorite item was the Rodeo Rodarte Top, it was the first thing I bought.
    Doll: Isabella8103

  8. I did a review on this collection here:
    I like the Chain Dallas Hat, and the outfit I made with it is in the link above.

  9. I was disappointed with this LE collection, was looking forward to a lot of grunge items. I did like the Electra Fringe Shawl. Here is my boho/grunge take on it:
    doll: miss.privacy.