Monday, March 14, 2016

Beginning at the start

Long time no see, right? I'm still hanging around here at TTT and hoping to get out a weekly post, independent of my other blogging work^ While wondering what to put in my first post for this rejuvenation I thought for a bit then looked back through what I had posted here before - it was a lot more than I had thought, and I started out in Feb 2014, I can't believe it was over 2 years ago! And so I came to the conclusion to begin at the start, where I started here by styling these Metallic Harem Trousers.

Compared to the last stylings of these trousers, this is the much preferred content! I still like gold accents with the colour of the velvet, it's just something I will always pair together, and I've stuck with neutrals in my other clothing items and aceessories. Makeup I used a combination of brown liner and shade to give quite a minimal 'dark' look for the outfit - I think it works, as well as a nude lip, the trousers definitely don't need any flashes or pops of colour with these looks^ I also took the opportunity to show off my newly redesigned room. Previously this just had the couch and plant but I've added just a few decor pieces to spruce it up a little, and the golden detailing worked perfectly for this look, a bit of a coincidence!

Be sure to leave a 'Thought' or a comment below and let me know what you think of this post, and what you might want to see here in the future =)


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