Monday, March 21, 2016

Epiphany / / Head to toe beauty and style

Stardoll brought us a new Epiphany jewellery collection last week, themed on Inspired By pieces with a great selection for us to choose from. There's a lot of stand-out pieces in there, and I get a very retro vibe from several things and think there will be some great stylings from dolls to come! I only purchased a few of the pieces, and my post for this week is going to focus on one - the Floral Mami Inspired Necklace =)

I loved the blue and sea-toned colours in the necklace so used those in my makeup choices of the greys and blues - I really think it works quite nicely! For style I think whites and greys suit both the necklace and makeup very well and so those are colours I really focused on. I like the quirkiness of the perspex coat in the look on my doll, the texture really plays against that of the trousers and the tied sweater. But I also like the golden accessories in my second suggestion on the left and they would tie a look nicely with the necklace too. This really is a piece with a lot of options and I think there's plenty of room to play around with them!

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below! And is there anything you guys want to see me post about? Comment that too^ x

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  1. Your posts are always a a great way to start the day!