Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hello dolls,

My name is Stevenson and I am the newest writer/contributor here at Today's Top Trends. I thought to kick things off with a small introductory about my style and what I plan to achieve here at TTT! First things first, I am a fashion enthusiast at heart, I would define my style as being very minimal and sleek, it's very edited. However, that doesn't restrict me from adding a little more detail as I am very fond of Haute Couture, I absolutely love the small embellishments on hand made garments. 

I have been an avid reader of TTT since it's first release back in 2007. I have always wanted to venture out into the blogging world and contribute, I believe TTT can give me that platform of expressing my personality, thoughts and of course, style! 

I am here to help bring Todays Top Trends back to it's former glory! The team and I plan on keeping you all updated with the latest trends and fashions from Stardoll and real life! I also plan to create new segments for the blog, bringing in fresh, new and exciting content for you all to read! I have another spoiler! I am collaborating with a few people and one of them is named Hilmy known on Stardoll as emmahunt4. I can announce that I will be given exclusive access to look into Hilmy's latest magazine issue of Risque! so please, keep your eyes peeled and watch this space! 

As a writer for TTT, I will make sure to post on a regular basis! I can promise you that. 
Now, on final note! As for the photo below, I thought to also showcase my dolls current look and style. I will be doing this regularly also. 

Wearing: 1. Runway Rodarte Inspired Faux Fur 2. Lanvin Tribute Sweater 3. Bonjour Bizou Layered Skirt dress 4. Dior Couture Tribute Black Bottiness 5. YSL Tribute Inspired Velvet Clutch

Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it!
Till next time dolls
S - x

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