Tuesday, March 29, 2016


It's not every day that you wake up on the floor of Alexander Wang's NYC penthouse apartment, the taste of $200 tequila still burning the back of your throat. I stumbled up and grabbed my LE Tassled Bucket Bag, fumbling through countless loose cigarettes and crumpled up business cards, I took out my iPhone 6S+ (in Space Grey), which read the time 11:52am. Shit! I threw on my ELLE Modern Blazer and toppled out of the door, into the elevator - the Archive Gold Chains hand-sewn into my bag clashed against the mirrored interior. I quickly checked my reflection - God bless Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! I hurried out of the building, my Rio Chicas Leggings making a frantic swishing sound as I pounced through the sliding glass doors. Waves of yellow cabs fill the roads, the tune of honking horns and foul-mouthed road rage chime through the avenue, it looks like I'm walking. I let out a deep sigh and spark up a crooked cigarette. The chalked city pavement played instrumentally with the click-clack of my Elizabeth & James Ankle Boots as I whisked down the street towards my studio. With no time to waste, I threw my half done Marlboro menthol to the ground and stomped it out, receiving nothing less than a brutal lashing from a passing environmentalist. Fuck off, I'm busy. My Decades Coco High Waisted Skirt ruffled in the spring breeze, I weaved between commuters and magazine kiosks like a hectic blackbird racing towards distant silver. As my studio building came into sight, I was speeding up my pace. The sun beat down on my black fabric clad self, at this point I was totally regretting layering up an IT Girls Stardoll Polo with a DKNY Black Longsleeve Shirt - I was sweltering! Suddenly, a gleaming figure appeared in the distance, loitering outside the X Visual Space Studios - I was certainly in trouble now. I hoisted up my bag strap and mentally prepared for my second verbal beating of the day. Finally arriving at the front door I was met by a flustered Nimka, tugging off her Prada gloves, "You're late!" she chirped.


Below are all of the items I used in today's fashion diary entry;

(L-R; Elle Modern Blazer, LE Tassled Bucket Bag, DKNY Black Longsleeve Shirt, IT Girls Stardoll Black Polo, Archive Gold Chains, Decades Coco High Waisted Skirt, Bonjour Bizou Belt (used as transition between both tops), Evil Panda Miniskirt (used to shape blazer), Rio Chicas Leggings, and Elizabeth & James Ankle Boots) 


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  1. Gorgeous entry babe!! you're really talented x I'll be everyday to read your post! :3