Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Last week on Friday we were introduced to a new collection of Museum Mile, the SNTA collection. This featured pieces of clothing and works of art that were designed by members of the Stardoll community. I personally fell in love with the 'JoeJerez18 girl sweatshirt' I see this piece as something very current, the design itself is amazing! The way the bottom half ties up, the little print and the colour grey really bring this sweatshirt together, making it very easy to style. 

The sweatshirt created by Joe, has been taken by storm with fashionista's from all over the world, bringing in their own flavour and giving us an insight to how they have styled this incredible sweatshirt. Note to self - In future posts, I will make sure to showcase other stylish users on how they style these staple pieces. You can see below I was inspired by the fashionable streets of Manhattan, New York! I feel New York is a great source of inspiration when needing to create a street style look and this sweatshirt was perfect for that.

Now, moving on to my look. I decided to pair the sweatshirt with jeans, a white fedora, then accessorising the look with the YSL purse and a pair of light lime green heels. I didn't want to over do it, I love the simplicity of the sweatshirt and I wanted to make sure it captures the eye. 

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Wearing: Bonjour Bizou Creamy White Fedora. Cheap Monday Clean Cut Shirt. Museum Mile JoeJerez18 Girl Sweatshirt. Killah Baham Trousers. YSL Satin Purse. Basic Pumps.

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