Monday, March 28, 2016

Styling in the rain

I've gotten into interior design on Stardoll a lot more lately, I think I'm just seeing so much more inspiration around the site and seeing what others have done with minimal style makes me push myself to produce something similar for my own suite! I also feel there's a lot of pressure to look good all round now, not just clothing and beauty, the suite really matters too^

I've been spending some time in my beach villa suite, and although this is only the start, I'm happy for my doll to live in it like it is! I've put a focus on artwork really, choosing both a StarDesign piece (it's by StarMYCLA, her prints like this triangular one are awesome, I have some elsewhere in my suite too!) and the the Museum Mile FlyingNose Painting. I also liked contrasting them, having the painting quite large and balanced on the floor and then the print framed and on a shelf - that triangle shape was begging for these geometric vases to pair with, they are both from Minimalism one being in coins and the other being only 5SD's. With my seating I stuck with themed colours from the darkened sky and the white stone room, cushions helped make it a little more comfortable looking and these ones have a lovely blue tone to them. That totally ties in with the metal work of the opposite chair. And finally plants - I had to go and add loads, didn't I?! There's a whole mix, but I liked the combination of the two brown ones on the left, plus they went well with the woodwork I've added in front. Then there's greenery in the tall PPQ plant on the right, which is pretty much a feature on it's own, but I gave it a little decor for company - it's from Fallen Angel, and I really like it so I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before!

So how do you guys feel about interior decorating? I'm assuming most of us prefer styling our dolls over our suites, but I think this is something I'm totally on the bandwagon for^^ Comment below with your thoughts and all =D xx


  1. I am so bad at interior design. I can do nothing special, that's for sure. Yours is nice!

    1. I've been on Stardoll ten years now, and I really only started wanting an interest in interior design last year and really only started enjoying what I was doing with it in the past few months! You should give it a go^^

  2. I totally agree with your statement that most people prefer to style their dolls over their suites. I'm definitely one of them! Your suite is simple yet really nice, very pleasing to the eye.