Sunday, April 3, 2016

Angelic Introduction

Hello everyone! I'm Nimka, and I'm here to introduce myself as the newest member of the TTT writing team which is just the coolest thing in the world to say, since I haven't blogged properly in years. Some people may remember my posts for other old Dollywood blogs, but for those who don't I hope that you shall enjoy my new ones and I'm excited for you all to get to know me on a creative and personal level! 😘

A little bit about myself: Like I said before, my name is Nimka, and my favorite things to do are watch fashion shows and travel! I consider myself a very friendly, kind, and giving person which is why some call me the Angel of stardoll, which is not a title that I will reject 👼🏼 I've been on Stardoll for almost 10 years, yes, a decade! I'm an OG player who has experienced it all, from the loophole drama, to the building of Dollywood, the golden age, the fall, and whatever we're living now which sometimes feels like a dystopian crazy version of what Stardoll once was, but I love it nonetheless!

I have worked on a lot of magazines and blogs in the past but never have I written for TTT so this is a new prospect, one that makes me happy and also a little nervous! My posts are going to be carefree and very me, I'll be teaching you all how to style new releases, my outfit of the week, featuring inspiring users, competitions, and doing inspired makeup tutorials! If you have any pictures of runway/fashionable makeup you'd like me to re-create in a tut just write a comment here or message me, and of course let me know if there's another segment or issue you'd like to me talk about - it's important that you readers are seeing the information and content that you want to see!

I can't wait to get properly started, but until then, here is a little picture in my suite bedroom depicting me as an angel who hoards lots of crazy clothing and cats... So accurate.

Until I write again! Nimka, out. 💗


  1. I wont read big posts:D
    more pics♥

  2. Are You fucking kidding me? O.O

    1. I do not tolerate foul comments such as this. You lack manners, gurl bye.