Friday, April 8, 2016

Call me... Miss Icône

''You either know fashion or you don't.''

To this day, I've never taken on journalism. What is journalism? Am I here to present my daily outfits, creative inspirations or am I here to teach you about the qualities I know? Am I here because of my name or am I here because I know what I'm doing?
 My journey on the Today's Top Trends is starting today, as I am writing my opening letter right this moment. My task on here as a journalist is to bring you the actual Top Trends from outside the borders of our box, to inspire you and give you the motivation you need to break through and move forward. I am here to present to you the style in it's best form and the most creative ways the one can think of. My task is to lead you through fashion. To visually show you, teach you, inform you. Let fashion guide your lifestyle. Let it be your lifestyle.

Yours truly,
 Carmen Bynes 

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