Tuesday, April 5, 2016


"Take it or leave it" I snarled as I pushed the fastened envelope across the table. Three dire looking men in business suits quickly glanced at each other before one of them turned to me and nodded, "We'll get back to you". Nimka's icy glare pierced the three musketeers, now in possession of my business proposition for VIS, from the corner of the room. "I look forward to your call" I smirked, as I uncrossed my legs, sounding a "clank" from my Tingeling Midnight Black Heels as they hit against the chrome table leg. I got up from my chair, following Nimka out of the minimalist high-end office, spinning on my heel right before I leave; "You have 24 hours to respond".

We rushed out of the skyscraper building, almost tangling my Archive Idoru Skirt in the revolving doors. Luckily, it survived. Clambering into an UberX, Nimka tilts her head to me, "Do you think they will take it?". Stretching out my legs, which were sheerly covered by a pair of Voile Pantyhose, I replied "They will if they want to make any money this quarter". We both erupted into a frightening boom of laughter. Whizzing around the corner, I demand the driver to stop; I needed to call into Saks to grab a new Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. Nim waited in the backseat, generously applying Swarovski crystals to the back of her new iPad as I shopped. Feeling flustered by the reality of not having sunglasses or a similar disguise, I knew this was about to be a stressful experience. I adjusted the neck of my LE Sashed Blouse before hurrying to the Urban Decay counter. The lady behind the counter whirled around to greet me, only to be left gawping at the sight she had confronted. "Look" I said, spying around me to see if anyone else had witnessed my presence, "I'm just here to pick up a Naked 2 palette, I'm in a rush", my Voile Black Silver Buckle Belt clinking on the side of the perspex countertop. "Right away" she scurried. I stood waiting while Sarah the makeup artist fumbled around in several drawers larger than herself. I tapped my nails on the counter impatiently. "Oh my God!" I heard yelled in the distance, squinting to see what all the commotion was about. Two quirky dressed teenagers approached me at unnatural speeds, grinning like cheshire cats. "Can we have your autograph? I'm in love with your work!". I politely rolled my eyes. I was once like them, a subject of my idols. "Of course" I laughed, reaching over the makeup counter to find a pen. I scribbled my name across two glossy issues of X Magazine and smiled widely, handing them back to the fashionable twosome. "Thank you so much!" they squealed. Then almost out of nowhere, Sarah slid an eyeshadow palette towards me and I quickly reached for my purse. I practically ran out of the store, throwing the pen back onto the countertop after paying for my cosmetics, praying I didn't run into anybody else who had read a magazine in the past 3 years. Tumbling back into the Uber, I flinched as a bright object was shone in my face. "Jailer, it's them!" announced Nimka, holding an iPhone in front of her. My fate was sealed.


Below are all of the items I used in todays fashion diary entry;

(L-R; Voile Pantyhose, Archive Idoru Skirt, Voile Black Silver Buckle Belt, DKNY Black Sash (to further shape belt), LE Sash Blouse, Tingeling Midnight Black Heels, It Girls Skirt (to further shape other skirt),  and Fallen Angel Heavyweight Black Platforms (to elevate heels)


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  1. Not feeling the skirt but love the top!