Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Styling

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I know it's been forever since I last posted but I'm back now, I had to sort out a few things in real life and needed a little break from Stardoll. Today however, I decided I needed to start posting again, you know how much I love showcasing my daily looks! and writing about fashion is definitely a good escape from reality. 

In Recent months, I've been experimenting a lot with my dolls style, 5 months ago you wouldn't have seen my doll wearing any bright colour in a million years! I always stuck with the usual monochrome colour scheme; the greys, the whites and the countless shades of black. The past 3 months, after buying issue after issue of i-D and VOGUE, it has made me realise there is more to fashion! I've always said to be a minimalist fashion enthusiast at heart but I took it upon myself to challenge that idea and broaden my horizons a bit. I have been introduced to a range of different prints and patterns, and it's been great fun, mixing and matching. With the latest "it girls" collection it gave me the opportunity to play around with some of these spring-summer like pieces. I especially drooled over the 'Palermo Long Vest' it's a must have in my opinion! Olivia is a huge source of inspiration for me and so when I saw it in the spoilers, I knew I had to style it. 

I try to keep my dolls daily looks in sync with the four seasons. As spring is among us and with summer not being too far away, the approach with this look was to go for a warm, bright and comfortable look yet keeping to my minimalistic style. It's amazing what colour can do, it's truly enhancing! I've always wanted to style the yellow YSL stilettos and the yellow LE belt, these two pieces combined with the grey vest have made the look stand out even more. Stripes can also add in a bit of texture to a look, I decided to use the SAP stripped top and it has worked wonders! The pink archive sweater that I used, behind the vest has created somewhat of an illusion that it's a jacket instead which I love! The grey pants also carry out the colour scheme from the vest and with the added Fendi bag it ties in the entire look together. 

I also changed my dolls lip colour, brows and hair to match with my current look. I feel having platinum blonde hair is still a trend at large, all thanks to the Kardashians and of course, Lady Gaga!  I think it's great to change up your dolls hair colour every now and then. The brows I decided to tone down a bit, I love it when they're fierce and bold but I felt they needed a mild shade of brown. Moving on to the lips, I never really like my doll having pink lips or I just don't find the right shade of pink but with the recent DOT make up collection, Stardoll have created some amazing colours! I must admit, applying a lighter lipstick enhances my lips a lot more, considering my doll is of a darker skin tone. I find real joy in using my doll as a canvas when applying make up! It would be so cool if Stardoll created a MAC cosmetics line, right?

In the photo below are the pieces I used to create this look. If you any questions, leave a comment below and I will reply to you asap. Also, don't forget to tick a box!

Thank you for reading dolls and make sure you tune in for the next post

Till next time, S - x

It Girls Palermo Long Vest, Bonjour Bizou White Collared Crop Top, Strike A Pose Perfect Stripped Top, Limited Edition Logo Hot Yellow Thin Belt, VOILE white circular sunglasses, Archive Taupe Slouchy Sweater, FENDI Tribute Peach Monster Tote, Saint Laurent Tribute Hot Yellow Stilettos, Giambattista Valli Couture Trousers.

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